How to Get Fair Skin Naturally

How to Get Fair Skin Naturally

If you want to lighten your complexion, there are natural remedies that you can try to brighten your skin a few shades. Since many commercial creams are ineffective or unhealthy to use, turning to natural methods to get fairer skin is a smart choice. A common household ingredient — lemon juice — works especially well to lighten skin tone. Staying out of the sun and using natural facial masks will also keep your skin from getting darker. To learn more about getting fair skin using only natural techniques, see Step 1

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Changing Your Routine

Protect yourself from the sun. Most of the normal darkening and discoloration of your skin is caused by exposure to the sun's ultraviolet (UV) rays. If you're extremely concerned about having fairer skin, staying indoors will keep your skin as light as possible. When that's not possible, protect your skin use SPF sunblock with a minimum SPF of 30.
Most dermatologists agree an SPF 15…

How to Determine Skin Tone

How to Determine Skin Tone

Choosing Your Lipstick

Try blue- or purple-shaded lipstick colors if you have cool undertones. For example, choose bluish-red, magenta pink, or purplish-brown. Avoid oranges and colors that are too pale because they can wash you out.[15]

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If you have fair or light skin, look for raspberry, mocha, or nudes, especially.[16]
If you have olive or tan skin, look for wine colored shades or cranberry.
If you have a dark or deep complexion, look for metallic shades in ruby red or a deep wine shade.

Choose reds and orangey colors if you have warm undertones. Great options include corals, peaches, and bright reds.[18]
If you have fair or light skin, try red with blue undertones (this will make your teeth look very white, too), coral, pale pink or peachy nudes.[19]

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If you have tan or medium skin, go for cherry red, rose, mauve, corals, or berry. Try tangerine, orange-red, copper, or bronze.[20]
If you have a dark …